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"Inspired Light by Infiniti" - A world-first light painting performance at Dubai Motor Festival

Dubai, UAE – 27 November 2014: Infiniti will continue to bring first class performances to its customers and fans when it presents its world-first ‘Inspired Light by Infiniti’ performance to the Dubai Motor Festival, starting at 6pm on 28th November at Meydan Racecourse.

For the very first time, coupling precision and innovation perfectly, Infiniti cars will create visually mind-blowing experiences and images that truly capture the imagination.  Choreography will be directed by the world’s leading name in light painting, Patrick Rochon. 

In order to create such a convention-breaking spectacle, a car with similar boundary pushing traits was requested required, which is why Patrick Rochon turned to the QX70S Elite Sport – the iconic SUV from Infiniti known for its performance and unique design is ideally suited to bring ‘Inspired Light by Infiniti’ to life.

Francesca Ciaudano, Deputy GM, Marketing & Public Relations, Infiniti Middle East, said: “Infiniti strives to constantly challenge the status quo, and with Inspired Light, we are demonstrating this clearly once again. The Infiniti QX70, famous in its own right for breaking the mould is the ideal model to be right at the centre of this breathtaking and inspiring show on 28th November.” 

Patrick Rochon, said: “The real inspiration for light painting comes when you discover that light is a medium of infinite qualities - when you paint with it you create real surprises, some genuine ‘wows’. Throughout my career I have pushed the boundaries of what is possible and Infiniti shares my passion to bring new, fresh and exciting experiences. ‘Inspired Light by Infiniti’, using cars for the first time, takes light painting to the next level both as an art form and as an experience that is truly inspiring.”

The ‘Inspired Light by Infiniti’ performance starts at 6pm, but for those fascinated by the concept of light painting arriving early, there will also be a unique opportunity to feature in one’s own light portrait which can then be shared on their own social media platforms. The light painting consumer engagement takes place between 2pm and 6pm on the day at Meydan too and is open to all.


  • "Inspired Light by Infiniti" - A world-first light painting performance at Dubai Motor Festival

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